The Bureau for Social Research

The Bureau for Social Research at Oklahoma State University is a research facility that conducts surveys and provides research services for faculty and administration, federal, state, and local government agencies, non-profit organizations and foundations, and private business/industry. Examples of projects in Family and Consumer Sciences include:

Child care

  • Determine rates charged by child care facilities; information is used by the state to set child care subsidy rates.

Child development

  • Assess parent satisfaction and areas for improvement with the state's early intervention program for children with developmental delays.
  • Developed survey instrument for state health department to assess issues regarding children with special health care needs.

Domestic Violence

  • Designed and conducted focus groups as part of community-wide needs assessment project.

Early Childhood Education

  • Assess elementary school principals' knowledge of developmentally effective practice in teaching pedagogy.


  • Conduct evaluation of training sessions for caregivers of aging family members.

Marriage and family issues

  • Conducted a national recruitment effort to locate young cohabiting couples for a longitudinal study.
  • Conduct on-going data analysis and assist with program evaluation for the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative.


  • Conducted the "funded project inventory" for the Board on Human Sciences.

Nutrition and health

  • Evaluate elementary school policies and practices in the areas of food service, vending machines, nutrition education, and physical activity.
  • Designed and implemented web survey to examine causes and solutions for obesity problem in America.


  • Conducted a needs assessment survey of expectant, low-income couples regarding services needed during birth of a child.

Our services include study development and consultation; data collection using telephone interviews, mailed questionnaires, Internet surveys, and focus groups; data entry; and transcription services. For more information, please see the BSR website:



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