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NASULGC 2003 Panel Presentations

Human Sciences Programs: Challenges and Opportunities
Presented to the Members of the Board on Human Sciences

Presentation by Carol Kellett
Kansas State University
November 16, 2003

1890 Institutional Issues and Response
Presentation by Shirley Hymon-Parker
University of Maryland - Eastern Shore

Presentation by Marjorie Kostelnik
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
November 16, 2003

TFPA Presentations at AAFCS Annual Meeting, June 24, 2006

Views of Upper Administrators
Session title: What Do Central Administrators Think about FCS?

Presentation by Francille M. Firebaugh
Observations of Organizational and Structural Change in Human Ecology Programs in Higher Education

Presentation by Stephen R. Jorgensen (MS Powerpoint)
Program Enhancement in Human/Family and Consumer Sciences

Manuscripts and Publications

Article - Coping with a College Combination: The First 100 Days

Achterberg, Cheryl. (March 2006). Coping with a College Combination: The First 100 Days. Academic Leader: The Newsletter for Academic Deans and Department Chairs. 22(3):5-6.

Article - Human Ecology in American Higher Education

Griffore, Robert J. and Phenice, Lillian A. (Fall, 2005). Human Ecology in American Higher Education. Perspectives: Electronic Journal of the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Vol. 8
As retrieved on August 29, 2006 from http://aabss.org/journal2005/

Article - Human Sciences in the Modern Research University

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Human Sciences in the Modern Research University



Comparison Table of Databases

Comparison Table of FCS/Human Sciences-related Databases

BoHS Funded Project Inventory

Board of Human Sciences Funded Project Inventory 2004

As the background section of this report notes, the first inventory was one in 1993-1994, the second in 1994-1995, and the third in 1997-1998.  This one (the fourth) was done in 2003-2004.

The Bureau for Social Research at Oklahoma State University

A research facility that conducts surveys and provides research services for...
more >

The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education

All accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities in the United States are eligible for inclusion in the Carnegie Classifications. CarnegieFoundation.org

FAEIS Project

Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS) Project is to gather and compile a broad range of higher education information related to the food and agricultural sciences. The database includes student enrollment, degrees awarded and placement data. Information about faculty are also collected. There are standard summary reports at this site and a report builder for creating custom report. If you do not have a FAEIS ID, contact the FAEIS Help Desk by e-mail, FAEIS@vt.edu and request a Report Builder ID.

National Center for Education Statistics

National Center for Education Statistics - nces.ed.gov

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP 2000)

Oklahoma State Salary Survey

Faculty Salary Survey Introduction

TFPA-WIS Database

TFPA-WIS Database Searchable database of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) programs among universities in the United States

Pathways to LeadershipPathways to Leadership Administrator Workshop

Pathways to Leadership Administrator Workshop - konPTL.kon.org

Program Viability: A Presentation at the Pathways to Leadership Workshop - Video
Penny Ralston, Florida State University.

College Reorganization Documents

Oregon State University

Proposal for Creation of a College of Health and Human Sciences

Developing a New Vision and Design for Home Economics and Health and Human Performance at Oregon State University

What is the new OSU College of Health and Human Sciences?

Iowa State University

College planning phase: http://www.provost.iastate.edu/educfcs

Implementation phase: http://www.hs.iastate.edu/incomm/homepage.php

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The College of Education and Human Sciences - Initial Description

CEHA - Common Questions

New Configurations in Academia
Education & Human Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

CEHS - College Development Model

Related Sites and Useful Links

The Chroncile of Higher Education

Latest education-related news: The Chronicle of Higher Education

TFPA Resources

TFPA Resources include Consultant lists, TFPA Manuscripts and Publications, and TFPA-WIS Database


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